Strip away stress and enjoy the backyard

There are many ways to strip away the stress that deteriorates the body.  One simple way is to create a better living space both inside and out.


Enjoy the backyard and reduce stress in your life

My sister has a wonderful large backyard with a deck and hot tub.  One would think this is enough to relax but there is no space to sit and no where to enjoy the family dinner ritual. 

That said, Kmart Outdoors to the rescue!  A trip to the local Big K turned out an instant makeover and instant gratification for a wonderful spot to relax.
With a budget of $300, we set out to strip away the clutter and get down to the bare essentials.

We purchased a full glass table top and four padded, stylish chairs.  Then to accent and beautify the space we purchased plants, candles, dirt and planters.  
Planting for some may be stressful, but here are a few tips to keep it simple and still elegant.
1) Choose simple greens to accent color
2) Choose texture and height variations
3) Pick one main flower to star in the pot

After about an hour of simple assembly and potting the plants. The back yard makeup was complete.


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    The very most important step to control your stress is to organize your daily life, and budget your time. Set a time table and work according to that time table.
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  • Thank you Jojo You are soo right!!

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