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How to rally the troupes to get your best body yet!

These days we all need a “little help from our friends” — especially when we want to get back in our bikinis, ready for a family wedding or lose ten pounds for the high school reunion.  But research shows that doing it alone may not yield the greatest outcome.  In a weight loss study, only... Read more »

Trixter extreme indoor biking for when it's raining or too hot for the road

While visiting Chelsea Piers Sports Club in NYC I came across a hot new trend… indoor cycling.  But while most of us think of “Spinning TM” or a stationary bike, the Extreme Trixter bike moves like a real bike with the exception of falling completely over when you take the turns too quickly or run... Read more »

Strip away stress and enjoy the backyard

There are many ways to strip away the stress that deteriorates the body.  One simple way is to create a better living space both inside and out. Enjoy the backyard and reduce stress in your life My sister has a wonderful large backyard with a deck and hot tub.  One would think this is enough... Read more »

Chicago fourth city for Marathon

Spring running season is off and well… running!  that said there are so many great events springing up around Chicago to step into including the Marathon Thirteen.One.  It’s third year in Chicago the Karhu 5K and Marathon 13.1 kicks off on June 4th, 2011. Registration is now open and will sell out quickly.  There will... Read more »

Osama bin Laden affects our health and mental state

With the news crashing around the world, it is one of those moments that you realize you will remember for the rest of your lives.  Flashbacks of 911 and America’s quest to have Osama bin Laden face penalties for his attacks are wired throughout the world.  The memory of the fateful September date brings back... Read more »