Osama bin Laden affects our health and mental state

With the news crashing around the world, it is one of those moments that you realize you will remember for the rest of your lives.  Flashbacks of 911 and America's quest to have Osama bin Laden face penalties for his attacks are wired throughout the world.  The memory of the fateful September date brings back more hurt and pain than the relief of Osama's death.

Many people will recall their lost loved ones.  They will remember where they were when the twin towers were unbelievably exploding in plain sight before us on every television and web screen.  They will feel something missing--taken from them-- a small piece of being American.

Our country allows us the freedom to change our social status- something that happens almost no where else in the world as a given right.  Our constitution guarantees us the right to speak freely with our thoughts and express ourselves without fear of prosecution or jailing.  We are Americans and should be proud and grateful.

Our physical being is paralleled with our mental state. 

Take a moment today to be gracious.  Take a moment today to breathe deeply, walk and ease your mind.  In the midst of tremendous joy from the royal nuptials we are thrust upon us the memory of the price that is paid for freedom and relief to know that Osama bin Laden's has been put to rest.

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