Can I be sick and still workout?

Can I be sick and still workout?


soon after strep throat and a sinus infection can I work out? I am on
day 3 of an antibiotic. Still a little congested and have some
drainage, but I am going crazy. Would I be doing more harm to myself if
I hit up a bootcamp class tonight? Should I stay home and do yoga or
pilates? Should I stay on this stupid recliner? Need advice!

My answer: (Im not a doctor and you should always check with them first) but with my experiences w/drs and illness....
Most antibiotics kick in within 3 days and you would no longer be "contagious" but the real question is: Are you running a temperature... if not you are cleared for a light to moderate workout. That's of course, independent of your current fitness level prior to your infection... Keep in mind that rest is part of the healing process; water and hydration are key to fight off additional viruses and bacterias. Lastly, listen to your body... if you feel weak, dizzy, nausea, out of breath or out of energy... sit down. Take your workout time and plane your meal plan for your healthiest menus for the following week.

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