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Yoga on the edge of the earth at the Bitter End

You will be amazed at the beauty
Recently, I stayed at the Bitter End Yacht Club to unwind, rejuvenate and breathe in the barefoot luxury it has to offer in the British Virgin Islands.  From exotic fresh fruits and juices to the home made breads and salad bar each day, it was easy to make good choices to continue my “Naked Nutrition”... Read more »

The top 5 Least Flexible Muscles and how to change them.

Opens the lower back and IT band
Can you touch your toes with straight legs? Can you zip your dress to the top from behind? When you sit for a long time, does one hip get numb? Have you ever felt an electric shot go down your leg? Do you get “Charlie Horses” in the middle of the night? Each of these... Read more »

Roll it out - Tight Muscles need attention

Do you have “tight” muscles?  Do you lack “flexibility”? Do you skip weekly massages?   If you answered YES to any of these questions, you probably need to add “MYOFASCIAL RELEASE” to your exercise regimen.  MYO… what? is probably the first reaction. “MYO” refers to muscle and “FASCIA” refers to the outer covering of connective... Read more »

Can I be sick and still workout?

Can I be sick and still workout?
Question: How soon after strep throat and a sinus infection can I work out? I am on day 3 of an antibiotic. Still a little congested and have some drainage, but I am going crazy. Would I be doing more harm to myself if I hit up a bootcamp class tonight? Should I stay home... Read more »

Everyone deserves a little scratch behind the ears

Everyone enjoys a little pet behind the shoulders, neck and back.  AND guess what! It’s good for your dog too.  A gentle pet massage is a great way to connect with your pet but they will enjoy all the benefits of massage that we receive when we get them.   According to Associated Bodywork and Massage... Read more »

Beer at the finish line of Shamrock Shuffle?

At the end of many races, including the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago, beer tents are lined with thirsty runners who reward themselves with a cold golden hued beverage.  Being a participant in events like this one, The Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon and many other races, it is a crowded tent and great place to relax... Read more »