Time to eat naked... nutrition basics

Look in the mirror and do you like what you see?   In my book, Naked Fitness, I want people


to stop, take a look at themselves, and realize their starting point.  Naked Fitness is not about taking your clothes off, but rather stripping away the excuses and getting your best body ever.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and were satisfied with the reflection? You have to come to terms with the your outer beauty and connect it to your inner self  to make permanent changes in your lifestyle.  The process starts from a positive affirmation and moves forward from there.  

Nutrition is seventy percent of the solution to maintaining a healthy body weight and beautiful body.  we realize that every  "weigh less" program that works, will provide guidelines for daily food intake.  My "Naked Nutrition" program from my book can help you have more energy, clearer glowing skin, sleep better, keep from being hungry and yes shred those unwanted extra pounds that weigh down your joints, put more stress on your heart and bulge over those waistlines.  

Here is skinny on the Naked Nutrition.  First realize you have to eat to lose weight! Every other program with tell you "don't eat this" or "you can't have that"  -- I'm telling you no way is that the case here. Never feel hungry and don't skip meals-- these are the mantras you will follow.  

What is a naked nutrition meal?
It's based with a good protein source.  That might mean chicken, fish, beef, or tofu, beans, hummus, cottage cheese or Greek yogurt.  But the main point is that you must always have a protein every time you open the talking spot.

Second, you will always have a carbohydrate when you eat that protein in form of a fruit or vegetable.  You may not have realized that fruits and veggies are the best carbs on the market - sweet, savory, spicy, succulent carbs.  

The last component is checking into the numbers: protein 80-100 grams daily, 9-11 serving fruit/vegetables and 30-35 grams of fiber.  Lastly, one fiber packed grain each day.

This is a moderate carbohydrate approach to eating and it really works as a lifetime plan.

If you are a numbers person, each meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner are around 300-400 calories and two snacks are at or below 200 calories.  This will give you a range of about 1200-1800 calories a day.  This coupled with a daily walking program and your personalized stretch and strength routine you receive from the book, you will be on your way to a pain-free, lean, Happy Birthday suit.

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson and author of Naked Fitness, a 28 Day Proven Weight Loss Program for a Slimmer, Fitter, Pain-Free Body. (Vanguard)  You can try the Naked Fitness program on line for free at www.FitSutdio.com

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