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Time to eat naked... nutrition basics

Look in the mirror and do you like what you see?   In my book, Naked Fitness, I want people to stop, take a look at themselves, and realize their starting point.  Naked Fitness is not about taking your clothes off, but rather stripping away the excuses and getting your best body ever. When was... Read more »

Have success with your weight loss goals

How to rally the troupes to get your best body yet! time to be a winner! These days we all need a “little help from our friends” — especially when we want to get back in our bikinis, ready for a family wedding or lose ten pounds for the high school reunion.  But research shows... Read more »

Love is in the air - Tips for a Heart Healthy Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, isn’t it time to start thinking of that special someone… surprising them with chocolate after they’ve lost that holiday weight, may send you to the doghouse. Here are a few “heart healthy” ideas for Valentines Day: Exercise a better relationshipStart exercising together.  Many gyms are offering partner workouts.  East... Read more »

Five Steps for Better Health

According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in America.  One in three women, will die from CVD and one women dies every minute.  Yet the risk of cardiovascular disease can be significantly decreased with a few simple steps.  1. Count your steps.  All healthy adults ages 18-65 should be... Read more »

Four secrets for staying pain free

a great source of fiber and anitoxidants
Do you wake up in the morning and feel a bit like the “Tin Man” or just rolling out of bed until your body catches up?  Do you have chronic pain in your body, neck, back, knees, hips or hands and belive you have to live this way?  Foods that fight aging No this isn’t... Read more »

Best Pilates Exercises for Better Health and Posture

Start on your side with legs extended in a straight line, elbow on the floor.  Point the toe as you bring the leg forward and flex the foot on the back swing.  Keep hips and rib cage quiet as you inhale and swing the leg forward and exhale as you swing the leg backward.  Perform 8-12 repeitions on each side
Inspired by Joseph Pilates, are a series of movements geared at strengthening the postural and core muscles surrounding the spine.  After just a few short weeks of practicing Pilates, people mention they feel taller, are more aware of their posture and their jeans fit better.  So what are a few Pilates moves you can do... Read more »