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Naked Fitness - Really are you going to workout naked?

My new book, Naked Fitness, is here just in time to give you a solution to your New Year's Resolution.

But what makes this book different than any other diet and fitness book this year?

I asked myself that question about a year ago.  With all the diet and fitness books, trainers, DVD's, what do I do differently? Here it is!

First, I see the body differently than most - as a trainer, I'm a pain minimizer. This means by following a set of simple stretches and strength moves everyday, you can eliminate or reduce pain that keeps you from feeling and performing your best.  

Second, I make people laugh. You have to have a little humor in your life to make changes - positive energy goes a long way.

Third, I give sound simple advice for eating a balanced diet. This diet is based on sound research and years of successful weight loss clients.

Here's a brief way to see how well your body is performing.  Stand in front of a mirror or have a friend look at your posture.  Check to see if you shoulders are even or if one shoulder is higher than the other.  Next look at your feet.  Do your feet point forward or slightly out to the side?  Does one foot turn out more than the other?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, here are three simple stretches and exercises that will help to get your body back into better alignment.

1 ) Chest stretch -
2)  Hip Flexor Stretch
3)  It Band Stretch

1) Rotator cuff
2) Bridge
3) Superman

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