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5 Things to help you stick to your program at the gym

 Every year gyms are flooded with new members hoping to make this year different.  It can be!  Whether you have never joined a gym or have slipped out of it in the past, here are a few tips to avoid losing interest and getting results this year from your gym membership.  1. Starter programs –... Read more »

Breaking news: new study reveals high activity in younger years helps starve off weight gain

A recent study from Northwestern University was released today finding people will gain significantly less weight by middle age, especially women, if they engage in moderate to vigorous activity nearly every day of the week.   The information stems from looking at the results of the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults (CARDIA) Study,... Read more »

Try a workout with you dog

Getting fit these days can mean more than just “walking the dog”.  Here are a few of my favorite moves from a workout I created called “Paws-ilates”.  It combines toning moves utilizing the friendship of man’s best friend- you pooch! Wrigley my 40+ pound bulldog is the perfect partner.  She really seems to enjoy the... Read more »

Holiday health gifting -That shiny new bike looks great under the tree.

What child doesn’t want a shiny new bike for the holidays?  The kid in each of us would enjoy one – My choice this year is the TREK  LEXA SLC priced at $1,099.00.  It’s a perfect combination of aluminum and carbon body styling with Shimano Tiagra 9-speed group with adjustable reach levers.  Mountain bikes offer... Read more »

Holiday healthy gifts - have a ball this holiday season

On the first day of the holiday, my true loves would get for me:TRAINERball from G2Lifestyles. Exercise balls can provide a total fitness program – when you know what to do with them. Trainer Ball has 12 exercise diagrams, which teach new core-strengthening moves and provide a visual reference for remembering the moves you already... Read more »