Beat the 10 pound holiday weight gain - do's and don'ts

In just a few short weeks we will be heading into the holiday food fest and I want to share a few "Holiday  do's and don'ts"

High angle detail view of a Thanksgiving dinner

1) Do chew gum to the party - freshens your breath and keeps you from eating and drinking mindlessly.  You'll have to find a place to put your gum first and may save you some noshing time.

2) Don't go for the cheesy, goey, dips - REALLY you know better and who knows what they put in them anyway.  Could be a jar of mayonnaise.

3) Do alternate water with other beverages - you'll save calories and stay hydrated in case your beverages are bubbly.

4) Don't use the chips for dipping - if you must dip, use vegetables as scoops instead of low nutrient crackers or chips.

5) Do eat the shrimp - 36 medium cocktail shrimp are around 200 calories and a good source of protein to balance out your blood sugar so you don't have a midnight craving when you get home.

6) Don't skip your workouts - the average weight gain is 10 pounds over the holidays due to the extra 200-400 calories of extra food a day.  Even 10 minutes can boost your metabolism and burn a few calories.

7) Do eat before you party - Partying on an empty stomach results in two problems: first overeating and second a bad hangover.

8) Don't stand in the kitchen - this is where you might find yourself snacking without thinking. Position yourself away from the food and drinks and you'll have to make an effort to move before you eat and drink yourself full.

9) Do eat light during the day - You never know when you might end up giving in to temptation, so plan ahead on the days you have parties and try to balance out your calories. Eat light breakfast and lunch on those days.

10) Don't skip meals - your metabolism runs higher when you eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day so even during the holiday rush and shopping frenzy keep a bottled water and healthy snack at your desk or in your purse.  In fact do that year round - it's a good habit for the new year.

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  • I do the Atkins diet before the holidays which amazingly works. Here's a tip: The induction period requires no carbs. I got tripped up once by chewing sugar-free gum, not realizing each piece contains 2 grams of carbs and as if you're constant gumgirl like me, it takes no time to hit the 20 gram daily max -- on gum alone!!

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