Seven tips to fight the freshman 15

It's almost time for fall break on many college campuses.  That means, students everywhere are journeying back home to pick up a few winter items - possibly a few jeans will not be fitting like they did the year before.  Not to worry! Try these simple tips for keeping those freshman pounds from stacking up.

Teenage girl on weight scale

  1. Know everyone calorie counts - even liquids- bottom line: eating.drinking  more + doing less = gaining weight
  2. Line your plate with fruits and vegetables  AND Proteins to balance blood sugar levels  -think eat baked potato instead of fries and save 200 calories!
  3. Eat when you are hungry and not because your friends are - stay away from food pushers: the old "just try one bite". Have will power and walk away
  4. Get rest... sleep deprivation causes food cravings - hormones like leptin and gherlin change and make you want sugar!  so get some solid sleep or take a 15-20 minute nap.
  5. Wear a core balancing shoe that helps you burn more calories with every step- yes the shoes out there that promise a few more calories being burned -and they might motivate you to get there and walk
  6. Reward yourself for good behavior - lipstick, nail polish, cool pens, or big ticket items like Pilates session or a new  pair of  jeans
  7. Exercise in your dorm room., ExerciseTV and other online sites offer quick workouts that you can do in your room-or rent a DVD and workout from your laptop.

Andrea Metcalf is the author of Naked Fitness, Vanguard press available December 28, 2010.

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