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Chicago Marathon leaves many unfinished

It was a beautiful day in Chicago for most people enjoying the city, but the Bank of America Chicago Marathon had many runners missing the exhilaration of finishing a marathon due to the heat and sun. Over 45,000 runners started early Sunday morning, but at 12:30pm only 19,000 crossed the finish line.  There were many... Read more »

Training like a pro with Gatorade for Chicago Marathon evnet

This past Saturday I visited the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago.  Gatorade Science labs invited me to take on the carb/hydration challenge.   After a signed doctor’s consent, I filled out the healthy history forms and stepped into the on site science labs. The researchers had me running on a... Read more »

Seven tips to fight the freshman 15

It’s almost time for fall break on many college campuses.  That means, students everywhere are journeying back home to pick up a few winter items – possibly a few jeans will not be fitting like they did the year before.  Not to worry! Try these simple tips for keeping those freshman pounds from stacking up.... Read more »