Walk this way: How fast? Guidelines for speed on the treadmill

Woman using laptop as she uses treadmill at resort/spa

Walking is the simplest form of exercise but your first time on a treadmill might be intimidating.  Here are my simple guidelines for walking:

Beginners - Start with ten minute intervals 2.2-2.9mph. Hold on for balance
Intermediate - Increase speed to 2.9-3.5mph. Swing arms at side
Advanced - Speed can be varied 3.0-4.5mph Challenge intensity by adding incline. Start with 2% increments working up to 15% grade.

Try "Walk-ilates".  It will also help you increase your fitness level quickly and make your walk  more fun.  Put a little pep in your step.

Andrea Metcalf, author of Naked Fitness is America's Fitness Expert and a healthy lifestyle spokesperson. 

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