Madonna passes arms to Lourdes - time to bare the shoulders

Madonna arrives at the launch of her new Macy's line Material Girl in NYC, NY on September 22, 2010 where the far from girl, original Material Girl opted for a conservative, even muted attire letting daughter Lourdes Leon shine in the spotlight along with model and inspiration Gossip Girl actress Taylor Momsen. Fame Pictures, Inc

Skip the pashmina and jacket!
Madge always showed off her great arms and now Lourdes sports strapless too.

Want to show off those shoulders? Try these bare essential exercises.   Perform these exercises everyday for the next six weeks and you'll see a visible difference. Skip the counting and use light enough weights to perform each exercise for one minute.

Target the Deltoid - The biggest muscle that shapes the shoulder which can be divided into the rear, middle and front.

Alphabet Arms - Using light weights (2-5 pounds) perform these three moves
 T - Bend forward from the waist with knees bent and back straight. Raise arms to the side pause at the top and lower (rear delt)
U - Start with arms out to the side bent at the elbow. Extend them up and together. Return to starting position (middle delt)
V - Start with hands together in front of belly and raise upward and outward overhead to "V" position. Return to starting position (front delt)

Target the Tricep - Toning the tricep wil help say "good-bye" to the hanging jiggle when you wave.

Better than Dips Tricep - Start in a reverse plank with knees
bent and belly towards ceiling. Keep hips lifted and bend arms and hold
2 counts then straighten them

Praying Mantis - Start in plank position with hands together and
elbows pointing outward. Beginners should keep knees on the floor. Tap
elbows to the ground and straighten again. Keep body in a straight line
throughout the move

Side Plank Tri - Start in side plank position with light weight
in top hand. Keep hips lifted throughout and reach weight behind the
head then back to ceiling.

In under ten minutes a day, your arms will be worth baring.

Andrea Metcalf is a healthy lifestyle spokesperson and America's Fitness Expert.  Naked Fitness is available thru   Follow andrea on twitter

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