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Navy Seals training system works - build muscle anywhere

TRX training system versatility About three years ago, I was first introduced to the Trx Suspension Training system.  It looked a little different than any other suspension system I had worked with because it had not resistance tubing.  Then I started trying some of the exercises and fell in love with it! The idea is... Read more »

Vision for Fit Nation with US Surgeon General and Dr. Pam Peeke

Recently I was lucky enough to make a hike with two very important people: Dr. Pam Peeke, adviser to the Surgeon General on health and the US Surgeon General, Dr. Regina Benjamin.  The hike was no ordinary one although it was in a wonderful park everyone should visit. I hiked the Grand Canyon north rim... Read more »

Walk this way: How fast? Guidelines for speed on the treadmill

Walking is the simplest form of exercise but your first time on a treadmill might be intimidating.  Here are my simple guidelines for walking: Beginners – Start with ten minute intervals 2.2-2.9mph. Hold on for balanceIntermediate – Increase speed to 2.9-3.5mph. Swing arms at sideAdvanced – Speed can be varied 3.0-4.5mph Challenge intensity by adding... Read more »

Madonna passes arms to Lourdes - time to bare the shoulders

holding a plank position works the core and shoulders
Skip the pashmina and jacket! Madge always showed off her great arms and now Lourdes sports strapless too. Want to show off those shoulders? Try these bare essential exercises.   Perform these exercises everyday for the next six weeks and you’ll see a visible difference. Skip the counting and use light enough weights to perform... Read more »

Naked Nutrition made simple - how to eat for a lifetime of happiness

Fitness can happen anywhere even on the front bumper of a taxi
Losing weight is a journey that few find the path to success. Unlike the celebrities who work with nutritionists, cooks, trainers, and assistants to help them plan and cook their meals, stick to their exercise programs and take care of their schedule, we have to sort out the information and arrange a game plan ourselves.... Read more »

Looking for flat belly like Mark Wahlberg - flatten your abs forever

If you can’t remember the Calvin Klein ad with Mark Wahlberg in his tighty whities, than you haven’t lived!  It was the most memorable campaign that put six-pack abs on the map.  Heading into my 45th birthday on Oct 8th, I’ve found that the “forty something” waistline needs a little help to stay slim and... Read more »

Strip away the excuses with Andrea Metcalf's Naked Fitness Fitlosophy

You don’t have to take your clothes off, to feel good in your own skin. Naked Fitness. “I know you’re thinking, “What is that? Does it mean I have to work out in the nude? Prance around in my birthday suit?” The very idea of revealing your goods can be utterly terrifying. The primary reason... Read more »