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Parents need kidproof appliances, not refrigerators that can stream Game of Thrones

I like technology as much as the next geek, but only to the extent that it either really helps make my life easier, or it is really cool without a high cost of entry.  Alas there are some technologies out there that miss both these markers and will not be seen in our household any... Read more »

How I got my old school stereo system to stream music inexpensively

<strong>Speakers in the ceiling:</strong>  The previous owner installed some speakers in the kitchen when he updated it.  It would be a shame not to use them, but I was limited to only what I could get on the radio.
The previous owner of our house had installed some speakers in the ceiling of the kitchen.  The speaker wires feed into a cabinet above the fridge.  I can play local OTA radio stations and CDs through it ( He left behind a non-working CD player which I have replaced with an old school stereo receiver).... Read more »

Some things to consider before cutting the Cable Cord

Cutting the Cord is the new thing these days. So much so that Cable Companies are actually paying attention. You can find a lot of good articles about how to do it here and here and here. But there are some things to keep in mind before you ditch cable. Essentially it boils down to... Read more »

If you really like a free app, make a donation to keep it around

To manage the emails for this blog, I used an app called Mailbox.  I also subscribe to a lot of other blogs (pro-tip for bloggers: do this!)  with this email address and the nice thing about the app was when I was behind in my reading, I could forward an email to the future.  It... Read more »

My Star Wars: The Force Awakens theory on who Rey is

Thumbnail image for 'My Star Wars: The Force Awakens theory on who Rey is'
By now you probably have seen the movie and if you haven’t, well okay spoiler alert. I think there are at least three camps for who Rey’s parents are. She’s Han and Leia’s other child She’s Luke’s daughter (hopefully with EU favorite Mara Jade) She’s Ben Kenobi’s grand child There are probably a few other... Read more »

Thoughts and Questions about The Force Awakens

The following are my expanded thoughts on something I wrote in a discussion thread on this movie.  I’ve noticed that many fans are going in the same direction so  I wanted to get my thinky-thoughts out before reading more of anyone else’s.   I may update this post once or twice more as things take shape... Read more »

5 Simple Tricks to Extend the Battery Life Of Your iPhone

It seems everyone except my crazy aunts and racist uncles have a smart phone these days and they follow you everywhere.  Which means they are always on and always draining your battery.  If you’re a busy parent like me, you are often far away from your charger. Here are some cool tricks to impress your... Read more »

Rethinking WeMail: Still not for me but works for some

I use to be firmly anti-WeMail.  For those who don’t know, We-mail is a shared email account belonging to a two people, usually a couple in a romantic liaison.  (Think   Like a joint checking account the idea is that the email is used, accessed and managed by both members of a relationship.  I... Read more »

Unsubscribing hell: Why won't this old Yahoo Group let me leave

Like a lot of people, I belonged to some Yahoo Group listservs.  Hey don’t judge.  Everyone was doing it in the Noughties (or Naughties or Oughties, however you want to refer to 2000-09).  It was an easy way to keep up with common interests or hobbies without having your inbox flooded with email (if you... Read more »

4 misconceptions people have about techies

Here we go again.  I was talking with an old friend and she made a little comment that was meant to be harmless but was one part snide, one part rude with a little fear thrown in.  She said “well I’m not into technology like you.” If I had a nickel for every time someone... Read more »