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Not so fast: Summer Ain't Over Yet

It’s after Labor Day and my social media feed is filled with first day of school pictures and people saddened by the symbolic end of summer.  Although many people defines Summer as the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the Autumnal Equinox isn’t for another two weeks!  And even after that, the Midwest usually... Read more »

Memorial Day: You celebrate it your way, I'll celebrate it my way

While scrolling through FB on Monday I saw a post by a former CN blogger asking Chicago-area peeps to share their “Mem day photos, especially if they were going to a memorial and/or parade.  We are looking for some for TV.”  She left the glamorous life of CN blogger to work the more glamorous and... Read more »

Summertime fun advice for Chicagoans

Even though summer doesn’t officially start for another eleven days, it’s after Memorial Day and the warmer weather is here.  I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and for as long as I can remember, the transition from spring to summer is usually quick and brutal.  We get a few weeks of spring which is... Read more »

It's Officially Summer Chicago, here's 7 ways to not let slip by

 if you are planning to run the Chicago Marathon you've only missed two Long Runs. Luckily this coming weekend is a cutback week which makes it like a do-over.
People refer to today as the longest day of the year. The fact is, all days are 24 hours long (okay 23 hours, 56 minutes if you wanna be Sidereal  about it) today just happens to have the maximum amount of daylight in it. Although many people defines Summer as the time between Memorial Day... Read more »

Five Signs of a True Chicagoan

#5:  When you are walking outside under or near the El tracks while talking to someone you immediately stop mid-sentence as the El Train passes.  Once the train passes and the Noise Pollution is back to normal, you then pick up exactly where you left off without missing a beat.
There are tons of articles, columns and posts out there that lists traits and aspects of a True Chicagoan.  Each one its own ridiculous attempt to marginalize someone because they like ketchup on a hotdog, or don’t know it wasn’t always called Willis Tower or (gasp) root for both baseball teams. I’ve come up with... Read more »

Chicago Marathon training brings the Labor Day Blues

If you are training for the Chicago Marathon — or most any fall marathon — chances are that by now, you’ve begun to notice something about your training that you might never imagined: you’re sick and tired of it all. The getting up at the wee hours of the morning, the almost religious adherence to... Read more »

Street Fest Donations: They’re suggested, not expected!

Summer time in Chicago is synonymous with street festivals. Every weekend there is at least one block party, art fair or street festival, often more. Some are free though many charge a suggested donation that can range anywhere from a few dollars to twenty bucks. Frankly, these suggested donations are getting carried away, especially as... Read more »

Don't Let Summer in Chicago Slip Away

Summertime in Chicago is just too short. A typical Chicago Spring is still chilly, rainy and outdoor unfriendly. Around May this changes and natives experiment with taking off the parka and downgrading to a simple pea coat. Even though the weather might be nice in September and even October, conventional wisdom defines Summer as the... Read more »