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Garage Saleing: An unorthodox approach to evaluating a neighborhood when buying a house

When you’re shopping for a home and trying to decide if a place is in a good neighborhood, many realtors will tell you to drive around the area at different times of the day (and night) to see what it looks like. They might also suggest you call the local police station and talk to... Read more »

House Hunting via the Open House Route

With winter making a belated yet fierce stand, it’s hard to remember that just a few days ago we had a warm, sunny Sunday, which my wife and I spent enjoying the great weather and realtor spins on the market. Because we are house hunting, a regular feature on Adventures in House Hunting will be... Read more »

Stupid Seller Tricks and Chasing the Market

When you’re shopping around for a house, you tend to see a lot of homes. Some of them you tend to see over and over again. You might create a search on a Realty Website or if you’re working with an agent at that point, they might email you listings.  Sometimes if really feels like... Read more »