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Giving up Facebook friends for Lent

So for Lent I’m giving up something that I cannot easily un-give up once Lent is over. I’ve decided its time to cull my FB list. Yes I know that I swore I would never be one those people who unfriends someone just because they don’t remember who that person is, or haven’t talked to... Read more »

The Death of the Phone call

I do not like to talk on the phone.  Sure I can call and make an appointment to have my hair cut or see the podiatrist.  And I talk to plenty of people on the phone in my line of work.  But when it comes to having a personal conversation, I break out into hives... Read more »

Clearing the clutter of memories

<strong>Memories Vault:</strong>  Four decades of crap fits nicely in here.  There are some other smaller boxes of specifically segregated items, but for the most part, I managed to get it all in this big container.
Last summer I had the opportunity to bring home a carload of boxes from my mom’s house. There were star wars toys and comic books and other oddities. And there were at least three boxes worth of paraphernalia known as memories. I took a quick first pass through it all last summer and probably tossed... Read more »

Do Twins run in your family

This question seems to be a standard opening I get from a lot of people, many who run the gambit from close friend to virtual stranger.  I usually answer with: *) They do now. *) Well they mostly crawl but they are working on walking. Most people are just trying to make small talk and... Read more »

Getting It Off Your Chest: Not being a Good Friend Indeed

Recently, some friends have reached out to me about a Life Achievement they were about to unlock.  Let’s just say I was less than supportive.  I mean I did answer thier questions and gave the token “if it were me, this is what I would do” responses.  But I just could not garner any excitement... Read more »

Getting It Off Your Chest: Not all friendships are balanced and equal

This segment of Getting It Off Your Chest features a situation I found myself in some time ago and I’ve struggled with moving past it, with minimal success. Friend1 sent out an email to two mutual friends and myself.  Friend1 has access to box seats at a sporting event and we have a choice of... Read more »