It's Officially Summer Chicago, here's 7 ways to not let slip by

People refer to today as the longest day of the year. The fact is, all days are 24 hours long (okay 23 hours, 56 minutes if you wanna be Sidereal  about it) today just happens to have the maximum amount of daylight in it.

Although many people defines Summer as the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and teachers define it as the whenever the last day the school year lands, summer season officially begins today. The summer solstice takes place on either June 20th, 21st or occasionally 22nd, depending on the year. Note: the next June 22 solstice is in 2203, not sure I will be around to blog about it.

No matter when you start your summer the one constant is that summer moves quickly, especially in Chicago. We typically get a very short spring where we transition from brutal cold to humid hot.  This year is particularly rough because we had the Polar Vortex bringing the funk, bringing the frigid.

Summer for us will seem extremely short because instead of sitting around drinking margaritas on the back deck, we have to get ready for babies to arrive. As I wrote in May, We are having twins -- a boy and a girl -- and although our official due date is in October, twins travel on their own schedule, usually too early. We have baby showers to plan and we need to get the nursery in order before we getting into their tentative arrival range.

Even if you aren't expecting your family size to increase, Summer has a tendency to slip away if you don't pay attention.  But there's still time to get a lot in before it's parka time again. So here are seven things you can do so we can live vicariously through you:

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