Five Signs of a True Chicagoan

There are tons of articles, columns and posts out there that lists traits and aspects of a True Chicagoan.  Each one its own ridiculous attempt to marginalize someone because they like ketchup on a hotdog, or don't know it wasn't always called Willis Tower or (gasp) root for both baseball teams.

I've come up with my own criteria.  These are 5 things that are engrained in the DNA of a Chicagoan.  In other words if you could cut a Chicagoan at the cellular level you would literally see these traits staring back at you from the Genome.  And it doesn't matter if you have lived here all your life, or have migrated from the burbs or another state last Fall.  Maybe your folks lived in the city but hightailed you out to Boilingbrook, Carpentersville, Downer's Grove or even Aurora when you were four.  If you have these characteristics, you are a True Chicagoan.


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