Stop talking about the Order of Succession already

It’s not gonna fucking happen, at least not the way all my liberal, hippy, SJW and other left leaning friends think.  Maybe Trump gets impeached or is removed via the 25h amendment, though most likely he will simply resign first.  But if you think there is going to be a massive house cleaning of everyone... Read more »

Friday Night Ritual: Ordering Pizza

Tonight if all the stars align, I will pick up my kids from daycare, swing around to catch my wife at the El station, circle back to the pizza parlor to pick up an extra large cheese & sausage from Bacci.   More than likely though, my wife will be running late, or even early, and... Read more »

There is a world of difference between Being Critical and being Negative

You’ve probably seen those memes that advocate eliminating negativity, or banning negative thoughts from your life, or putting negative people in concentration camps.  Okay I made up that last one until a reader goes to meme generator… What I don’t like about the concept is that it doesn’t make a distinction between Negativity and simply... Read more »

Mitch Tribisky, your table is waiting

Hello Mitch, or do you prefer Mitchell?  Either way, welcome to Chicago where the backup quarterback is the favorite, until he isn’t.  I know you got off to a rough start with the neurotic Bears fan base.  We want a starter under center that can be the franchise quarterback, but we don’t really want to... Read more »

The Delorean Paradox

I’m going to define a new thing — or maybe take credit for something someone else has already thought of — called the Delorean Paradox.  The Delorean Paradox is when someone says something that can only be proven with a time machine. Anywhere in a Delorean #80sDreamVacation — Gretel Armstrong (@SugarGretel) April 30, 2017... Read more »

Flashes of Confidence

Thumbnail image for 'Flashes of Confidence'
No one has ever accused me of posing an overabundance of Confidence. There have been glints, glimmers and flashes, but at best I usually oscillate between cautiously optimistic and Fake It Til You Make It, with a heaping helping of Second Guessing thrown in for good measure. Now the question  I have is, is it... Read more »

What to do when you unexpectedly bump into coworkers outside the office

I’ve written a couple of posts on the subject of Surviving Corporate America and today’s post is inspired by Listing Beyond Forty Kim Z Dale’s post. Kim essentially says that seeing a co-worker outside of work disappoints her because it removes her from her mental happy place and reminds her of work. “It’s an unfortunate... Read more »

Sometimes even the simplest DIY projects become complex

<strong>Location</strong>: This under utilized power outlet is the ideal location for a charging station because while it is in the center of the kitchen, it is also off to the side and has enough counter space to support an iPad in an upright position.
On a recent visit to my in-laws, my FIL gave me a spare USB Charging Electrical Outlet they had lying around.  As much as I embrace technology, I didn’t really feel like I need one of these in our house any time soon.  But since they gave it to me for free, essentially saving me... Read more »

You can show Empathy, Outrage and Restraint all at the same time

Hey, did you hear about that Thing That Happened just recently moments ago?  It’s all over the Twittersphere and my Facebook feed has gone nutzo with everyone posting the same headline that totally and accurately Sums Up Everything That Happened. Now the story has just come out, but of course we know everything about it... Read more »

CPS Proposed Acceptance Letter Graduation Requirement insane, out of touch

Mayor Rahm Emanuel obviously isn’t looking to run for a 3rd term.  Otherwise he would reconsider or seriously revamp a plan requiring high school graduates to have a post high school plan. “Starting with next year’s freshman class, in order to receive their high school diploma, all CPS students would have to show an acceptance... Read more »