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Al Qaida Loses Power Forward in Career-ending Injury

I’ve heard the rumor a couple times from a couple of people who have actually played a pickup game with President Barack Obama.   Obama: once a ballhog, always a ballhog. One friend of mine who was a freshman at Harvard when Obama was in law school says that Obama plays a little dirty, and is... Read more »

Throwing Pics: #2 - "Green Bay Packers Pierogi"

“The Green Bay Packers Perogie“, January 2011. I didn’t try to do this…seriously. A couple of days before the NFC Championship game that the Bears lost,I was minding my own business and making lunch. I’ll admit, I left the perogie on the griddle a moment to long, only to turn it over and find this random... Read more »

Cubs Fans, Sports Fans Pay Worthy Price

I’ve never played the lottery, even once. Then again, I probably have some bias against the lottery thanks to a creepy “book store” in my hometown, which didn’t sell books. Rather, Village Books was the hub for dirty magazines and lottery tickets. I used to have to pass by it whenever I wanted a decent slice of... Read more »