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Nudity & Sports: Is It What the Fans Want?

Nudity & Sports: Is It What the Fans Want?
Last month this blog got over 15,000 hits. The strange thing is that the vast majority of the hits, coming via various internet sites, went straight for two articles I wrote in June. Those pieces were both about the same basic topic. The topic was naked sports and this topic went up as post-event coverage... Read more »

Chicago Naked Ride: More Post-Game Video Highlights

Follow @MySportsComplex So, I don’t mean to beat a bare horse. But –really– how often does a group of 1500 people bike around your city, in the buff? Consider this an encore presentation. Saturday’s sights included Wrigley Field, Michigan Ave, and the Chicago Theater. I’m hoping next year the World Naked Ride organizers can swing... Read more »

Chicago Naked Ride: Scores & Video Highlights

No ride in Chicago is complete without a swing by 1060 W. Addison.
Follow @MySportsComplex The “World Naked Ride” took flight in Chicago on Saturday. OK, so not everyone was totally naked. Here’s some video highlights & picture play-by-play.   Follow @MySportsComplex