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Throwing Pics: #5 - Chicago Bulls T-shirt Mania

Throwing Pics: #5 - Chicago Bulls T-shirt Mania
It’s been over a decade since the Bulls were any where near contention for the NBA title. And not since 1995, since a t-shirt craze. Back then Chicago was littered with “Michael Chills, City Sweats” t-shirts about the time Michael Jordan’s first return the NBA was a big question mark.

Throwing Pics: #3 - "Bin Laden Dead, Thibs Coach of the Year"

As we all know, Osama bin Laden took the news headlines starting Sunday night. Bin Laden’s sudden and necessary career retirement was probably bigger news than Michael Jordan’s retirement (the first one, that is). Separately, as a Chicagoan and a Bulls fan, I was pleasantly surprised to see the parallel news story above from Times... Read more »

Pacers, Canucks: Go Pound Sand

“Pound sand” is one of my all-time favorite Chicagoisms. I don’t know for sure that it’s a saying that evolved here first, but I’ve never heard anyone say pound sand where I’m from. Back on the East Coast, we might say something along the lines of “go play in traffic,” as an old woman on... Read more »

Derrick Rose, the Best Point Guard Since Magic Johnson

So there, I said it. Derrick Rose is the greatest point guard in the game since Magic Johnson, the Lakers’ 5-time NBA champion and Hall of Famer. And with 25 points per game and only a few years under his belt it’s fair to say that this statement is taking a risk and, OK…yes, I’m... Read more »