Proof that Chicago Pigeons are Hockey Fans

Proof that Chicago Pigeons are Hockey Fans
And I was legally parked, and everything.

Back in April I got a pretty nice birthday care package from my folks back home in suburban Philadelphia. Along with a box of brotherly love from Pretzels Direct stacked with TastyKakes, Wise brand potato chips and about 30,000 calories worth of Philadelphia soft pretzels and fixins, a second box showed up the next day.

Box "Number 2" had more Philly stuff. There was a set of super sized coffee mugs, including a pinstriped Philadelphia Phillies mug dressed just like a starting player. Plus there were a couple of sports shirts of various local sports teams, sized to fit me. To top it of, there was a small batch of something I hadn't asked for: sports wear for my car. Just like with the pretzels and cakes, I could have over-endulged if I wanted to. But among the stack of decals representing every Philadelphia sports team, I easily picked out just one. My favorite: the Philadelphia Flyers insignia car decal.

So, next time I walked out the door, my Honda Pilot got a new mark, the mark of the Broad Street Bullies, seen above. And, every time I'd pack up my trunk or go to the car for any reason, I'd primp it and touch it up, just to make sure the Flyers' branding on my hatchback was tip-top.

Then a few weeks ago I noticed that some unruly bird in my neighborhood had taken up target practice at my nice white car that day. Worse yet, this incontinent slob of a bird made a bull's eye out of the logo of the Philadelphia Flyers. What nerve.

As you probably know, Chicago is known as "The City That Works". At least it's good to know that Chicago's pigeons here love hockey enough to (literally) shit on other NHL rivals. Now, if only the Chicago Bears took their jobs so seriously.

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