Kanye West for Snickers and other Super Bowl Commercials I'd Love to See

Kanye West for Snickers and other Super Bowl Commercials I'd Love to See
Yeah, I wish TV was that exciting.

Sunday night I was cheering for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC title game versus the San Francisco 49ers.  I love both of these wonderful cities, but perhaps I just prefer sports teams that have --you know-- a little "edge".

The Seahawks won, booking their ticket to the next Super Bowl. And if you watched until the end you got to see the Seahawks' star cornerback Richard Sherman go off on a little post-game rant. After bumping heads all game long with 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, Sherman talked trash and asserted that he's the best in the game. We all saw it.

While much of the sports blogger crowd was using social media to tweet about what a blowhard they thought Sherman was, I couldn't help but conjure Super Bowl commercials in my mind. I suddenly thought what Erin Andrews, Sherman's interviewer, was probably thinking. "Damn this guy needs a Snickers."

Hopefully you get the reference.  Snickers has run some of the best commercials ever made featuring varied stars and comedians acting erratically to demonstrate what happens when you're hungry: You are "not yourself". I couldn't help but think that Richard Sherman had one of those moments, post-game Sunday night.

Robin Williams evoking John Wayne and others in a Snickers commercial.

Sherman's moment however was really nothing compared to some of the rude things Kanye West has said and done over the years, from "George Bush doesn't care about black people" to his recent assertion that he's the new Nelson Mandela.

Mulling it over, I just couldn't escape the idea of commercializing it all: Sherman and Kanye West for Snickers and other Super Bowl commercials I'd love to see. Here's what happens when post-game insomnia takes over.

Hunger would have explained a lot about what went on with these two at the MTV VMAs.


Sorry, don't mean to pick on Kanye again but...


And Sunday night's Richard Sherman incident.

Whether or not Snickers jumps on Sherman or Kanye,  or whether Omaha Steaks makes anything of Peyton Manning's repetitive shouting of "Omaha!",  Super Bowl commercials are on their way.

Let's just hope it's not Michael Bolton drag racing a Honda against Eminem in my dad's Chrysler.

Andy Frye writes about sports and life for ESPN and other publications.

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