10 More Good Things About the Government Shutdown

10 More Good Things About the Government Shutdown
Yes, even these morons would do a better job than Congress right now.

It's amazing how little can get done in a week. Or, two weeks, that is, when you consider that our government --Congress, the President, whomever you'd like to blame-- have burned through the last two weeks without a resolution to pass a budget.

Better yet, we're told that if the gridlock doesn't end by October 17th, the US Government will default of its debt for the first time in years and years. This is the kind of stuff that crashes stock markets, kills jobs growth for years, and possibly worse.

On the bright side, few times has Congress made such a big horses' ass of itself. And in a free country we can continue to lampoon our government as long as we want.

10 More Good Things About the Government Shutdown

1. Americans, shocked at the possibility that our government might be incompetent, stop feigning shock at celebrities acting like idiots during the MTV Video Music Awards.

2. The word "furlough" makes its long awaited comeback. It also succeeds in shaking of its unfair association with Presidential hopeful Michael Dukakis' Willie Horton debacle. Now maybe Willie Horton the baseball player can get his name back too.

3. US Congressmen, bored at the office with the deadlock have started visiting America's national parks.

4. Dr Seuss books get a much needed marketing bump in the under-read Tea Party community.

5. In order to corner the market on incompetence, the US Government steps up to become the long-sought buyer BlackBerry had hoped for.

6. After a win yesterday, the Pittsburgh Steelers inch up above Congress as the second most pitiful story in the news.

7. Contemplating government, people realize that, comparatively, dentist office visits aren't so bad. National dental hygiene soars.

8. We get to see Obama go grey very quickly, and realize he ain't as sexy as George Clooney is with salt & pepper hair.

9. Some people furloughed from the government jobs are no longer forced to keep up with Kardashians at work via the internet. Doing it right, they can view from their couch at home in front of the boob tube instead of some uncomfortable government-issue office chair.

10. With the office closed, Speaker Boehner can finally work in a quick round of weekday golf.

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