Cameron Esposito: Future of Comedy, says Jay Leno

Cameron Esposito: Future of Comedy, says Jay Leno
Cameron Esposito hung with Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson this week. She also did some sports announcing here not so long ago.

Cameron Esposito, the well-known and beloved Chicago stand-up comedian, officially went big time this week. Last year she moved on to Los Angeles, but anyone who has ever met Cameron here, or has ever seen her perform has always known she'd be big time.

Just a few years ago I went to see a friend of mine do stand-up comedy as a guest in an all-women's stand up comedy show at the Lincoln Lodge. The Lodge, attached to the back of the Lincoln Diner on Lincoln Ave near Irving Park, is a cozy little place, and the perfect spot to see stand-up comedy while grabbing a big, cheap Labatt's or two. And it is also the den from which great comics like Fred Armisen, TJ Miller and others have stopped to work their magic.

Back in 2010 when I first met her she was the regular host for Thursday nights at Lincoln Lodge. And while adding segue and commentary between the performances of the up-and-comers she would leave the audience in stitches.

Esposito's comedy was filled with tales of the stand-up comic's life on the road, as well as every day stuff. She'd also speak a lot about the hilarity of childhood and episodes like wearing an eye patch as a kid which made her both the class clown and the class pirate. She also had plenty of funnies about her role at the time, being what she called the world's best lesbian nanny. Shortly after, in 2011, Esposito went on to perform more stand-up to great acclaim in the series her in Chicago called Side Mullet Nation, with the name inspired by her famous self-proclaimed "side mullet" hair style.

As you've probably heard had you missed it on TV, Esposito made her late night network TV debut this week on the Craig Ferguson Show. As if her rousing performance wasn't great enough, she softly lampooned Leno and Ferguson a bit, only to have Leno call the the lesbian comic.. hint Esposito... the future of comedy.

Bet you didn't know: Cameron Esposito has set not only the comedy club alight, but also used to dabble a little bit as a sports announcer. Back in 2011, Esposito graced the microphone at the UIC Pavilion with her humor and charisma as the color announcer  for the Windy City Rollers. As the guest voice with Bryant Mumble, Esposito had a great knack for capturing the hard hitting action of the game, while throwing in some crisp humor of her own.

Esposito, as a live roller derby announcer. Here you can see her in the background and hear her call up "lead jammer" during the 2011 championship.

It's always a great thing to see a local favorite move on to the next level, and even better when someone with top-flight talent like Esposito gets a nod from marquee names in the game.

Hell, it's probably only a matter of time before Cameron Esposito is hosting the Oscars.


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