11 Things I Love That Have Nothing to Do with Sports

11 Things I Love That Have Nothing to Do with Sports
The last time i saw my grandma (pictured with my dad) I discovered she was a smoker and we watched Caddyshack together. I wanted to bum a smoke and I should have.

Before I started blogging a few years ago (and way before I started writing) I used to compile little notes about what I considered some of the more fun things in life.

I figured that some of these things deserved their own list and their own recognition. Beyond that, there's no other reason for writing this. But the reasons listed below are good enough.

1. Old people, who don’t bullshit around and just tell you like it is.

2. Hearing babies laugh.

3. Ginger Baker’s drumming.

4. Bagels that are hard enough to hurt your foot, should you drop one.

5. The stillness of the early morning.

6. Doug E Fresh’s beat boxing.

7. Kosher dogs, kosher pickles and Italian gelato.

8. Friendly arguments, verbal Judo, and yo’ mamma jokes.

"You're a fucking moron, you know that." The greatest non-argument ever filmed, from Coffee and Cigarettes, directed by Jim Jarmusch.

9. B-sides.

10. When the bass drum vibrates your car's mirrors.

11. Watching someone slip on a banana peel. (Seriously, it happens)

Andy Frye writes about sports and life for various publications, and just took up the awesome sport of roller derby.

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