Competitive Eating: Chicago Now vs Kobayashi

Competitive Eating: Chicago Now vs Kobayashi
Competitive eater Kobayashi, with Jen Knoedl who called the race

World Champion competitive eater, Kobayashi, swung through Chicago today as a part of a world tour. The former Nathan's world hot dog eating champion, who won his title consecutively from 2001 to 2006, stopped by the Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue to take on five people at once.

The challenge: Kobayashi took on five bloggers from who, as a team, had to beat the master at a race of who could belt down five Al's Italian Beef sandwiches first.

Jen Knoedl, host of TV show JenChicago, called the start of the race. Here's some footage below.

Hit the "change quality" gear to switch it to HD.

Team Chicago Now comprised bloggers John Dooley (Chicago Tough), Davde Wallach (Pace of Chicago), Ellen Feldman (The Ginger Philes), Russell Amor (The Male Perspective) and Joe Martin (So You Have A Girlfriend). Though they came on empty stomachs it was hard for Team CN to keep up.

It only took Kobayashi a minute and thirty-five seconds to devour five Al's Italian Beef sandwiches. Then he went for an extra point, just to rub it in.

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  • So . . . does the master eater keep all that food in his stomach, or does he throw it up or something?

  • Ingestion---digestion----egestion.

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