Trivial Sports Histories: The Manning Speed Limit

Trivial Sports Histories: The Manning Speed Limit
Quarrterback Archie Manning's numer is retired. On a shirt and a sign.

Everybody's talking about Peyton Manning and his recent signing with the Denver Broncos, a team that already had a really good quarterback.

The Manning clan has a lot to brag about. Peyton Manning has one Super Bowl ring and a couple of appearances with the Indianapolis Colts, a team that crawled out of Baltimore as an NFL joke before settling in the Crossroads of America. What followed was a frustrating decade of anticlimactic seasons under coach Jim Mora and years of playoff dead ends. Thereafter the Colts were often unstoppable under Tony Dungy and even afterward, until Peyton's recent injury.

Then there's Eli, who has two Super Bowl rings, both against Tom Brady and the Patriots. In both triumphs Eli was billed as an awkward, unlikely leader who turned it on after barely making it to both post-seasons.

I am happy for both Eli and Peyton. That said, neither of the Manning brothers have affected speed limits and public safety signage like their father has.

Archie Manning, who retired from the NFL in the 1980s after a reasonably good career with the Houston Oilers and the New Orleans Saints, is a native of Drew, Mississippi. He was the overall number 2 pick in the 1971 NFL Draft, subsequent to his college tenure at the University of Mississippi, where he is still considered a hero and a fan favorite. In both 1969 and 1970, Archie Manning was named to the All-SEC team and shortly afterward his #18 jersey was retired by Ole Miss.

But the accolades don't stop there. Just a few years ago, the university board moved to change things up a bit on the public safety front. In doing so, The University of Mississippi made 18, Archie's college jersey number (which is also worn by Peyton now) the enforced campus speed limit.

Yes, the speed limit in University, MS is 18 miles per hour just like the sign says. So if you get pulled over by the cops for speeding on the Ole Miss campus, it ain't Peyton's fault.

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