Soccer Player Fired for Homophobic Tweet

Sure, Lee Steele is a small fish in a small pond. And at 38, Steele, a striker for the non-league club Oxford City FC  -- a club that would, by its size and fan base, be considered semi-professional in the US-- ain't no Chad Ochocinco.

But with a storied  15-year career, in which he scored 152 goals, you might think he'd have his head on straight.

Earlier this week, Steele caught fire for making a homophobic comment, via Twitter, about Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas. The comment also got him fired as Mike Ford, the club’s manager, told the BBC that Steele  had to “pay for his error of judgement”.

Steele’s Twitter account has not been updated since. Good to see boneheads in sports knocked down on contact.


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