FYI: Peeps, It's Roller Derby Week

FYI: Peeps, It's Roller Derby Week

That's right, roller derby is back. And in anticipation of this great sport's 2012 kickoff, we'll post stories about roller derby all week long. Among the dozen stories coming up here's a quick look at what's rollin':

▪ A short history of Roller Derby in Chicago, and teams The Outfit and the Windy City Rollers.

▪ A 2012 overview of the Windy City Rollers, and predictions on how their four teams will place in competition for the Ivy King Cup.
▪ A look at roller derby in independent film, including "Derby, Baby!" narrated by Oscar-nominated movie star and devout roller derby nut Juliette Lewis.

▪ "How to Suit Up for Roller Derby" with tips on where to get skates and gear.
▪ A profile of Derby Lite, a fitness class based on the skills  of derby offered through the Chicago Park District.

▪ A story on Jackie Daniels, Chicago's star in the world's fastest-growing sport.
▪ A look at The Chicago Outfit and their rise within the derby world.

▪ A story about "Papa Doc", one roller derby league's team doctor.
War Games - One woman's trek from Army active duty in Afghanistan to roller derby.


Also, there are guest articles from  Kimberly Elsham (aka Ruth Enasia) and and Kate Dunn (aka TS Helliot) of the Windy City Rollers, which paint a picture the lifestyle and adventure of 21st Century derby.

As a warm-up, The Windy City Rollers put out a funny commercial touting their upcoming season. This Saturday at UIC Pavilion WCR holds its first pre-season tournament, from which all proceeds go to charity.

The Windy City Rollers in "The Showdown Begins!"
Tune in, and enjoy!

Andy Frye has written for, The Chicago Sun-Times and FiveonFive magazine. Follow on Twitter at @MySportsComplex.

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