Trivial Sports Histories: Album Cover Trash Talk

Trivial Sports Histories: Album Cover Trash Talk

In 1986 The Housemartins released their first album, "London 0 Hull 4". The album which was big in the UK and on American college radio contains the singles "Flag Day" and "Think for a Minute", as well as "Happy Hour", a tune referenced by the Barenaked Ladies on their first album.

The album "London 0 Hull 4" probably has a name that doesn't mean anything to Americans.

But for those who know Kingston upon Hull, a drab medieval town in northern England which is the hometown of The Housemartins, it may. Additionally, and those who follow English Football (known stateside as "soccer") could pick up on the implication here.

In Association Football, as it is also known, the first team listed in a soccer score is the home team; which is the opposite of how it is displayed in the USA. Also, a 4-0 scoreline represents a butt-kicking by soccer standards, similar to a 28-0 football score or a 10-0 drubbing in baseball.

Paul Heaton, The Housemartins front man, has been known as very opinionated politically as well as a proud Hull local and a strident supporter of the local football team, Hull City AFC.

So in short, the album title "London 0 Hull 4" basically says this: Hull beat London 4-Zip at home in front of its home fans.

In 2008, Hull City made it in to the English Premier League, the country's football elite and beat four major London clubs (including Arsenal), prompting The Guardian to reference the 1986 Housemartins record in that day's headlines.

One name more familiar to pop music loving Americans is the name of Fatboy Slim, AKA Norman Cook. Cook was once the bass guitar player for The Housemartins, and as Fatboy Slim went on later to sell millions of records globally.

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