Trivial Sports Histories: Philly Eagles, Horrible Rappers

Trivial Sports Histories: Philly Eagles, Horrible Rappers
Screech, put a sock in it.

In the 1988 NFL season the Philadelphia Eagles and their coach, Buddy Ryan, were feeling a little cocky.

Ryan, who was a former assistant of Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, had come in just the year before. And coming off three very disappointing seasons following the Super Bowl era of Dick Vermeil, the Eagles were inching toward respectability again.

Ryan had also decided to clean house, replacing established but aging players like Ron Jaworski with star Randall Cunningham at quarterback. The 1987-88 season, curtailed by a players strike, saw the Eagles reach the playoffs with a 7-8 record. In the weeks prior to their playoff contest with the Chicago Bears, Ditka and Ryan hurled insults at each other during press conferences. Ditka laughed once as he called Ryan "fat" on live TV.

During what came to be known as the Fog Bowl, because of weather conditions, the Bears beat the Eagles 20-12, with Ditka posting an "I told you so" attitude at the post-game press conference.

The Eagles got better the next season and hype followed. Billed as the next wave of Eagles teams bound for Super Bowl contention, Philly wore its swagger on its sleeve. To make matters worse, players and a local promoter thought it a good idea to make a rap record in the same spirit as the '85 Bears tune "Super Bowl Shuffle", sans Super Bowl.

Believing the hype in both their trophy-bound destiny and their music "talent", the Eagles dropped this dung patty on local radio.

"Buddy's Watchin' You", a breakthrough in (not) def rhymes.

During Ryan's reign the Eagles had become a powerhouse, and were given the accolade of having one of the best defensive rosters of all time in the NFL. Still, as Ryan sparred regularly with Ditka, the Eagles failed to win a playoff game in five seasons and Ryan was fired at the end of the '90-91 season.

The song, which was a Philadelphia-area hit in the late hair-metal blighted 1980s, has been revisited plenty by bloggers and "bleed green" Eagles fans since. The tune has been described as "an abomination" and "one of the worst songs of all time". Wack beats, for sure.

Maybe Coach Ditka had the last laugh after all, both on and off the field.

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