"Bear Down Chicago Bears" sounds like "Sit on my Face"

"Bear Down Chicago Bears" sounds like "Sit on my Face"
The real lyrics to the song?

A couple of months ago during the off-season my insomnia got the best of me. When that happens and I've totally given up sleep I often hit YouTube to check out long lost favorites from my MTV childhood and other silly things.

That day, a friend had sent me a photo of a toilet with the seat up, pointed to the right so that the second seat looked like a letter C. Poking fun, the pic had the smirky headline, "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" on it.

I realized that as a transplant here that I never learned the words to that song. So I hit YouTube to view a video (below) of everyday Bears fans, along with local celebrities like George Wendt and Billy Dec.

"Bear Down" the classic sung by the locals.

I knew it sounded like something else. It always did. Then it dawned on my what the tune sounded like: An old favorite skit by Monty Python. The piece from the 1970s has a arrangement and marching band pomp that sounds just like "Bear Down".

Monty Python performing "Sit on my Face" at the Hollywood Bowl.

Could be a total coincidence. Then again, Monty Python's writing whiz Terry Gilliam (second from right in the video) is from Minnesota. Go figure. You be the judge.

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  • This is totally inappropriate, but every time I hear that phrase it reminds me of labor & delivery class at Prentice.

  • Hopefully the doctor was asking you to bear down not sit on his face.

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