So, the Bears are back. Football is back.

So, the Bears are back. Football is back.
Benevolent graffiti

I saw this bus shell advertizement in Ravenswood the other day, asking us "What's your favorite little thing about Chicago?". In the know-it-all asked-and-answered tradition of corporate media, this BP ad told us that baseball must be that favorite thing.

The poster must not have been up even a day before the first rebuttal came. Someone handy with a black marker crossed out "baseball" and wrote "BEARS" in capital letters. Timely to the punch, this anonymous Bears fan not only reminded us what time of year it really is, but also that maybe BP should stick to what it knows: overpriced gasoline.

And so football is back. Fans are back, and ready for the Chicago Bears to take on the Buffalo Bills tomorrow night at Soldier Field, 8pm. After a cancelled away game last week, and a false start fan day because of un-planted turf and grass, it seems the Bears are ready again to embrace us.

The touchdown of the Bears' early homecoming at home couldn't come at a more perfect time. Baseball in Chicago blows, with the slimmed down Cubs roster hitting poorly and pitching worse while kinda-sorta fighting with their manager. The White Sox, a team with enough talented players to win, aren't doing anything to speak of and it seems they couldn't be bothered. Plus, the Chicago Fire (the soccer team, for those of you who are unaware) are in last place, and Chicago's competitive hot dog eaters are on hiatus apparently.

I don't endorse defacing property and won't endorse graffiti (publicly at least) but it's good to see that fans are excited about the Bears again, so much so that they're willing to commit misdemeanors such as the one above.

After a nice playoff run for the Bulls last season and some choice trades that will make the Blackhawks a stronger team this year, I am one fan that is glad to see fans are beaming again.

Let's just hope Jay Cutler shows up with a ready and willing attitude if not a smile or even a smirk, and that the Bears keep in mind and appreciate what great fans they have here in Chicago.

Andy Frye writes about sports and life here and on Twitter at @MySportsComplex, and knows a good graffiti artist when he sees one.

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