Mid-Term Presidential Hoops: Obama vs Bush

Mid-Term Presidential Hoops: Obama vs Bush
No president's second term is a layup.

No matter what you think of Barack Obama's politics, it's hard to deny one thing. That is, that for a guy in his mid-40s, he's a pretty damn excellent basketball player. Obama (sometimes) even passes the ball.

It's possible, though, that Obama's talent for b-ball has been shoved down our throats a little. As the video shows, he's got his own play-by-play announcer.

Still, we've only footage of Obama hooping it up as Senator and early President. One wonders what more years in the White House might do to a president's low-post game.

George W. Bush, captured in a video by AP in Belfast at the end of his presidency, below, treads lightly. As a cheerleader at Yale, the 43rd President takes on his old role at first, then shoots a dud before going one 1-for-3.

To his credit though, Bush made several appearances in years past with good game. In 2000, on his first Presidential campaign, Bush went 4 for 4 when visiting high schools in the days leading up to Super Tuesday, showing off his athletics just the way Clinton and Gore did with their campaign trail football catches.

Unfortunately, we couldn't come up with any footage of Presidents Ford, Nixon or Reagan shooting the orange ball.

Reagan's sport was horseback riding, and if you're interested in that, then "Riding With Reagan", written by John Barietta (his old Secret Service riding partner) is an excellent read. Ford was a football man, who played at Michigan. Nixon preferred walking, so much so that he had concrete pavement laid at Camp David, pavement which Reagan later complained about. And Carter focused his efforts on competitive peacemaking.

All in all, what Bush's brick in Belfast may show us is that the longer your days in the Oval Office, the worse your shot gets over time.

Andy Frye writes about sports and life here and shoots uncontested layups on Twitter all day at @MySportsComplex.

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