"Microwrestling" is More Than Just Midget Wrestling

It's no secret that MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, has taken off in the US in the last five years. Some of this may have to do with the huge audience the professional wrestling has garnered in the last few decades, combined with the market for extreme sports.

But an Minnesota-based outfit called the MWF aka the Microwrestling Federation, exists to add an extra bite to what's out there already.

The MWF considers its talent, consisting of 10 main stars and some up and comers, an entertainment machine that provides a balance between serious “Sports Entertainment” with a touch of comedic value. And their fans, also known as “Micro Maniacs” have made up a burgeoning following since 2000.

Above is one of the MWF's better videos that give you an idea just how rough these little guys can be.

While MWF fight night cage matches may not hit your pay-per-view screen just yet, the league has a variety of wrestling events through out the nation, and will even take bookings for private events such as corporate entertainment, as well as "School Fund Raising Events, Motivational Speaking Events, and much much more."

Andy Frye writes about sports and life, and unusual competitive activity here and on Twitter at @MySportsComplex.


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