Football Guitars Give Music, Sports Fans Ax to Grind

Football Guitars Give Music, Sports Fans Ax to Grind
Helmet Guitars give good facemask

Sounds like the mancave owner's dream. As if sports logo-clad beer lights weren't enough, now the avid sports fan and weekend rock star has another sports ax to grind.

Helmet Guitars, which can be found online at makes a line of specialty electric guitars for music and football enthusiasts.

The company puts out its football helmet line in 12 colors, from an unofficial Packers yellow, to Raider silver, to the standard royal blue worn by Boise State. Also, each guitar comes with an on-board or built-in 9-volt amplifier strategically placed in the helmet earhole, as well as a set of five interchangeable face masks. Unfortunately, the face mask attachment does not double as a whammy bar.

The company, which has been offering football-inspired guitars for a few years first started to gain press in 2008. All of Helmet Guitars' instruments meet the standards of National Association for Music Education (MENC) specifications.

No word yet on guitars in the shape of tennis rackets, hockey sticks or corked baseball bats.

Andy Frye writes about sports and life here, and rocks out with his Whitesnake mullet all day long via Twitter at @MySportsComplex.

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