Cheeky NBA Fan Tattoos MVP on his Butt

Cheeky NBA Fan Tattoos MVP on his Butt
The naked passion of a Dallas Mavericks fan, exposed.

You may have seen this yesterday if you follow Dan Devine's excellent "Ball Don't Lie" blog on Yahoo.

Devine broke the story yesterday about Derek Dilday, a diehard Dallas Mavericks fan, who was so excited that his team was in the NBA Finals, that he went out on an odd limb. Not surprisingly, in the spirit of 21st Century TMI, this fan's sports complex involved Facebook as the tool of perpetration.

Supposedly Dilday, in the normal course of NBA Finals trashtalk, puffing and naked passion about his Mavericks, posted a Facebook status update asserting that if Dirk and the Mavs beat the Miami Heat, he'd tattoo the All-Star's face on his butt.

As upsets would have it, the Heat fell to the Mavericks in five games, as Dallas won it's first ever NBA title. Dilday stated, as ESPN Radio Chicago reported it Friday night, he was still still feeling the buzz the Mavs' title win. And as a diehard fan keeping his word, he'd "pretty much have to go through with it", soon feeling the buzz of the tattoo gun.

Just in case this fleshy likeness of the 7 foot 1 German power forward wasn't enough, here is some live footage that was posted last night on YouTube, courtesy of the subject and his tattoo portrait master.

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Photo courtesy of Derek Dilday and the Dallas Observer, as posted on 8 July 2011.

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