A Soccer Team Gets its Own Damn Plane

A Soccer Team Gets its Own Damn Plane

Of course, Barack Obama gets his own jetliner. He's the President of The United States. And yes, OK, it's true that Joe Biden gets one too. Since Biden talks so much he should very well have his own damn plane to himself. The big shots in high places usually get their own planes.

But so does the Manchester City Football Club. At least now.

Once habitually ridiculed as a large festering failure, left in the shadow of Man United, Man City was a big team not good enough to play in the big leagues. The Blues --sort of the Chicago Cubs of English Football-- have since acquired their own aeronautical digs. Sure, once a time ago they could have expected their players to spend most days riding on the back of a rickety old bus. But now Man City, the wealthiest club in the world, owned by UAE oil tycoon Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, have a little more style and luxury to be proud of.

In truth however, Man City's biggest sponsor is Etihad Airways, a commercial airline that flies mostly from the UK to the Gulf states. Sponsoring English Premier League football means that club's jersey (or "strip" as the limeys call it) gets your logo across the chest, front and center for tens of millions of TV viewers to see.

So it is likely that the big sky blue plane is probably most likely part of the overall sponsor deal. It's also the perfect time for the club's players to fly in style, as the Manchester City US tour starts next week. City plays David Beckham and the LA Galaxy on July 23.

Still, imagine the possibilities if this trend were to catch on in the US, to the NFL, which is America's biggest sport, at present.

How cool would it be to see a Cincinnati Bengals jetliner with tiger stripes; or planes owned by the Ravens, Cardinals, Falcons and Seahawks with specially crafted feather-clad wings. Perhaps we’d see a jet that simply said “New York Jets” on its side, at LaGuardia, or an empty hangar at LAX waiting for an NFL team, any team to land.

However, chances are, the end result would be heightened security and a threat level "Red" every time the Dallas Cowboys landed at Philadelphia International. And not because of terrorists, but because of high concentration of unarmed yet slightly crazy Eagles fans.

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Pic courtesy of Guy Harvey / Airplanes.net, posted under Fair Use standards.

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