A Bunch of Stupid Idiots Doing Karate

A Bunch of Stupid Idiots Doing Karate
Kicking ass and taking names

OK, maybe I have no room to talk. Like probably every suburbanite that grew up in the 1980s, I took karate at the YMCA, motivated with the adrenaline that must have come from an afternoon of watching Chuck Norris flicks or Big Trouble in Little China.

Difference is, after a semester or two of wearing a white belt, I had the sense to take it off and move on with life, fearing the likelihood that a career as a half-assed martial arts guru would lead to a sex-free existence and a permanent residence in my parents' basement.

Now that Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA as it's also called, is a top-tier sport with a strong fan base, garnering millions of dollars in revenue for those involved, it is fair to say that the standards are much higher. MMA started to hit its stride about four years ago. And about the same time, this viral video, aptly titled "Retard Karate" by its author, surfaced. In the process, this depiction of martial arts at its weakest and most incompetent definitely illustrated the great divide between serious the MMA competitors of today and its suburban hobbyists.

It also made some of us laugh like hell.

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