Al Qaida Loses Power Forward in Career-ending Injury

I've heard the rumor a couple times from a couple of people who have actually played a pickup game with President Barack Obama.



Obama: once a ballhog, always a ballhog.

One friend of mine who was a freshman at Harvard when Obama was in law school says that Obama plays a little dirty, and is a little cocky, but ain't a bad one to have on your team when you're playing basketball. Besides the attitude and his quickness, Obama supposedly posts a nice jump shot, passes well, and of course "never fouls anyone".

So, don't be surprised if you witness a little political fist pumping now, and again when the Presidential re-election season really kicks off. Because it's not every day that you eliminate a bitter rival, and it's not every day that a terrorist thug like Osama bin Laden gets taken out of his game permanently. Sure, terrorism won't just go away with the removal of the Taliban's swing man and Al Qaida's team captain.  But we can rest a little better right now, knowing that the Team America really executed a job well done yesterday.

As always, the sports nut in me tends to take over for a moment when I hear major news headlines like these. At one moment after the news I was thinking how yesterday's mission was like "scoring a hat trick against Brazil" only for my mind to switch to baseball, envisioning our military heroes knocking it "out of the park".  

Still, I feel like it is important to remember that freedom isn't free, and that we live in a country where even fools like me can choose to recatagorize everything in terms of sports references. We always do.

Just the same, it's important for us all to take a moment and remember the victims of the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, and to thank our military for everything they do for us.

Certainly, we tend to think of people like Michael Jordan, Billy Jean King, Babe Ruth and even Ron Santo as heroes. Yet, days like today remind us who America's heroes really are.


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