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With Tressel gone, Buckeyes remain strong

It is possible that the celebratory bonfires have already started in Ann Arbor, Madison, Evanston and maybe even South Bend, Indiana. I can see it now, a pile of scarlet and grey sweater vests crumpled and stacked over a pile of flaming tinder. Some will sound the death knell for Ohio State hoping to end... Read more »

Throwing Pics: #5 - Chicago Bulls T-shirt Mania

Throwing Pics: #5 - Chicago Bulls T-shirt Mania
It’s been over a decade since the Bulls were any where near contention for the NBA title. And not since 1995, since a t-shirt craze. Back then Chicago was littered with “Michael Chills, City Sweats” t-shirts about the time Michael Jordan’s first return the NBA was a big question mark.

Chicago Roller Derby: The Quick & Dirty

Roller Derby season is in full swing again in Chicago. After the home opener on the North Side last weekend for The Chicago Outfit, Chicago’s biggest and oldest league, The Windy City Rollers return to the UIC Pavilion for a double header bout. If you haven’t seen roller derby before, you might have preconceived notions... Read more »

Dear Auto-Correct,

Dear Auto-Correct: You have a familiar trait, one I have known all of my life. That trait is the loving, motherly tendency to constantly correct everything I say and do. Now, I know that I owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you’ve done for me since my youth. I know I don’t... Read more »

Throwing Pics: #4 - "Cubs Fan's" can't spell.

Technically, not a misspelling, Cubs fans (as it should be written) are welcomed for a drink nearby The Friendly Confines in possessive tense. As a Cubs fan, I wish I could blame this error on a a printer in Bridgeport. Andy Frye has a photographic sports mind and documents it here, and throughout the day... Read more »

Throwing Pics: #3 - "Bin Laden Dead, Thibs Coach of the Year"

As we all know, Osama bin Laden took the news headlines starting Sunday night. Bin Laden’s sudden and necessary career retirement was probably bigger news than Michael Jordan’s retirement (the first one, that is). Separately, as a Chicagoan and a Bulls fan, I was pleasantly surprised to see the parallel news story above from Times... Read more »

Al Qaida Loses Power Forward in Career-ending Injury

I’ve heard the rumor a couple times from a couple of people who have actually played a pickup game with President Barack Obama.   Obama: once a ballhog, always a ballhog. One friend of mine who was a freshman at Harvard when Obama was in law school says that Obama plays a little dirty, and is... Read more »