Throwing Pics: #2 - "Green Bay Packers Pierogi"

packers perogie.jpg

"The Green Bay Packers Perogie", January 2011.

I didn't try to do this...seriously. A couple of days before the NFC Championship game that the Bears lost,I was minding my own business and making lunch.

I'll admit, I left the perogie on the griddle a moment to long, only to turn it over and find this random marking on it. Random...really random.

I did my best to devour it promptly, as I hope the Bears would eat the Packers, mercilessly.

Safe to say, this little food item could have doubled for a University of Georgia or Georgetown omen, had it not been filled with Wisconsin cheese.


Andy Frye blogs about sports and life here and on Twitter via @MySportsComplex. He normally knows how to cook without throwing playoff games.


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