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Throwing Pics: #2 - "Green Bay Packers Pierogi"

“The Green Bay Packers Perogie“, January 2011. I didn’t try to do this…seriously. A couple of days before the NFC Championship game that the Bears lost,I was minding my own business and making lunch. I’ll admit, I left the perogie on the griddle a moment to long, only to turn it over and find this random... Read more »

Pacers, Canucks: Go Pound Sand

“Pound sand” is one of my all-time favorite Chicagoisms. I don’t know for sure that it’s a saying that evolved here first, but I’ve never heard anyone say pound sand where I’m from. Back on the East Coast, we might say something along the lines of “go play in traffic,” as an old woman on... Read more »

Why Soccer Will Never Not make it in America

Not long ago I got into it at a bar with a Boston Red Sox fan. Not “into it” as in a bar fight, nor was I cheering for the Yankees. He had just driven 14 hours and had lots to talk about. For one, he went on about how Ultimate Fighting is (allegedly) America’s... Read more »

Derrick Rose, the Best Point Guard Since Magic Johnson

So there, I said it. Derrick Rose is the greatest point guard in the game since Magic Johnson, the Lakers’ 5-time NBA champion and Hall of Famer. And with 25 points per game and only a few years under his belt it’s fair to say that this statement is taking a risk and, OK…yes, I’m... Read more »

Cubs Fans, Sports Fans Pay Worthy Price

I’ve never played the lottery, even once. Then again, I probably have some bias against the lottery thanks to a creepy “book store” in my hometown, which didn’t sell books. Rather, Village Books was the hub for dirty magazines and lottery tickets. I used to have to pass by it whenever I wanted a decent slice of... Read more »

Throwing Pics: #1 - "Burrito Michael Jordan Layup"

“Burrito Michael Jordan making a Layup”, circa 1997. This wall mural, fantastic yet ridiculous, can be found in Chicago at LaBamba Tacos, Wrightwood & Halsted in Lincoln Park.

Blackhawks Fans, You Are No Angels.

Blackhawks Fans, You Are No Angels.
As the Blackhawks close in on the playoffs again, a year after their Stanley Cup triumph, fans are jubilant and gracious. They cheer the Hawks and the possibility of another championship to underscore the greatness of the city we all love. Moving here from Philadelphia to Chicago several years ago I started to notice a... Read more »