She's still a princess at heart

She's still a princess at heart
HJ not wearing a costume at her friend's princess party

When HJ was two years old, we thought that we had a little tomboy on our hands. She didn't seem to like wearing anything pink, unless it was a dress with converse sneakers, and she had more fun playing with boys than other little girls. I don't know what happened, but fast forward three years and we have an official girly girl princess on our hands.

Though she's more a fan of Doc McStuffins than Sofia the First, she was still super excited to see Disney Junior's Pirate and Princess Adventure show at the Rosemont Theater last week. And Doc did happen to make a little special appearance at the beginning.

We did Disneyland with HJ when she was 2 1/2, and she was not a fan of all the sensory overload at the time. She did great at this show, though. She's come a long way. I worry sometimes whether she can handle big crowds, new experiences, unfamiliar surroundings, loud sounds, etc.. But it was a welcome relief to see her sitting in her seat, eating a giant bag of popcorn and wearing her Princess Sofia amulet, and just having a good time like all the other kids there.

The show was cute, and had a simple message about friendship and kindness, which kept her captivated. It was a late night for her, with the show starting at 630 pm. About halfway through, HJ climbed in my lap and leaned her head back, but she stayed awake through the whole thing. The best part was getting to enjoy the show with her and little sis (who was twirling away in the rows with her Princess Sofia gown), and hearing them both talk about it all week long.

HJ has a special fondness for shows of all kinds. When we visited Legoland in California last year, she was not a fan of any the rides, but to this day she still talks about all the live shows we saw when we were there. We also went to The Nutcracker at the Marriott Lincolnshire Theater around Christmastime, and she still acts out scenes from that performance. Next up for us is The Very Hungry Caterpillar at The North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in April. She's been telling her teacher about it for days.

I'm thrilled she has found something she enjoys. She's always loved stories and books of all kinds, and even though the movie theater is still one place she's not sure about yet, I'm glad she can enjoy these live performances and experience them with the simple joy that only a child can express. I'm looking forward to sharing more special times like this with HJ for many years to come.

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