Why stories matter: What I'm learning from being a part of LTYM Chicago

Being a writer can be isolating. You think, you daydream, you sit at your computer, you scrawl things down on little scraps of paper or on your phone here and there, you think about it some more while you’re driving or doing the dishes or late at night when you have insomnia. But until you... Read more »

Why you should watch "The Drop Box" documentary in theaters this week

A documentary about newborn infants abandoned in a “baby box” or “drop box” in Seoul, South Korea will be showing in theaters around the nation this week on March 3rd, March 4th, and March 5th. The film tells the story of Pastor Jong-Rak Lee who installed the baby box on the side of his home... Read more »

Why I don't believe in coincidence when it comes to adoption

When our oldest daughter was born in Korea, my husband and I didn’t know that we were going to be adopting her just one year later.  In fact, we didn’t know that she existed. Yet. But three weeks after her birth, we found ourselves traveling through Incheon Airport, on the way to a trip to... Read more »

My favorite childhood memories of my father

My father was good at raising two daughters. He’s used to being the only male. He grew up with three older sisters and with my grandmother being the matriarch of their household in Korea. She pretty much ran our house too when she was living with us in America. With my mom, grandmother, my younger... Read more »

Creating a family vision board for 2015

Creating a family vision board for 2015
I love this time of year. The stress of the holidays is mostly over and we have a fresh new year to look forward to. But since 2015 hasn’t officially started, there’s no disappointment in not having met our resolutions, yet! Early this morning, I came across the idea of creating a vision board for... Read more »

The incredible story of reunited twins Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier

To close out National Adoption Month and this Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to share with you the heartwarming story of identical twin sisters Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier, Korean adoptees who at the age of 25 were reunited through Facebook. The sisters recently published a book that they wrote together, Separated at Birth: A True... Read more »

Our best Thanksgiving ever was the year we met our daughter

Our best Thanksgiving ever was the year we met our daughter
Six years ago, on Thanksgiving Day, my husband and I decided to take a leap of faith and travel to Korea to meet our daughter. We had just heard about HJ being at the orphanage three months ago, and the paperwork was far from finalized. In fact, just a few weeks prior, it was looking... Read more »

A must-see Korean adoption documentary to celebrate National Adoption Month

In honor of National Adoption Month, I feel privileged to share a Korean American adoption documentary that deeply touched me from the first time I viewed it. Dan Matthews is a Korean American musician and adoptee from Los Angeles who went on an incredible journey to Korea to search for his birth family. Not only... Read more »

Letting go of perfect

Before kids, describing a perfect day seemed so simple. And actually attainable. Maybe it involved a lazy weekend morning, sleeping in, cooking a leisurely brunch. Catching up on the news, going for a walk, or to the museum, meeting with friends. Whatever the specifics, the perfection of the day wasn’t so much in the details... Read more »

When your child starts noticing differences in skin color

A couple weeks ago, my younger daughter, who is three years old, asked me about her skin color. Well, to be more precise, she actually asked if her skin was brown. It took me a little bit by surprise, but somehow being completely oblivious to how concerning this question was to her, I told her... Read more »